How Do Hand Injuries Affect Seamen?

While most people think of hand injuries as minor issues, for fisherman and seamen, an injury to any of the bones in a hand could have serious consequences, making it impossible for him or her to perform a job in the future.

Common hand injuries sustained at sea can include finger amputations, severed tendons, deep lacerations, severe burns and crushed bones. Each one of these injuries could sadly result in permanent damage, making it hard for a person working at sea to continue his or her career.

This is why it may be incredibly important for a hand injury victim to speak to an attorney following a maritime accident. An attorney can advise you to your rights under the Jones Act, as well as general maritime law. Some hand injury victims may need medical treatment for the remainder of their lives, including rehabilitation and therapy or prothesis, which can be extremely expensive.

Making sure that you are covered financially for future care, and making sure that you are compensated for lost income is important if you suffer from a hand injury at sea.

With this in mind, an attorney can help you prove that an employer was at fault for an accident. It is not uncommon for boat owners or operators or employers to try to blame a victim for an incident by saying that his hand was not where it was supposed to be or that he or she was improperly handling equipment. An attorney may be able to help you prove that an accident was caused by negligence and/or a vessel’s unseaworthiness.

Coast Guard Rescues Burned Freighter Crew Member Outside of Rhode Island

Recently, the Coast Guard issued a press release indicating that it was involved in a medevac rescue for a crewmember aboard the Cougar Ace, about nine miles south of Newport, Rhode Island.

According to the release, on January 29, the crew of the 654-foot cargo ship notified the Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England that a crewmember suffered an electrical burn to his right hand. After being transported via a response vessel, the injured crewmember was taken by an ambulance to Newport Hospital. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

An Attorney Can Help You Following a Maritime Injury

As this case shows, hand injuries are taken very seriously in maritime law. It should be noted that different workers have different remedies and affects how you proceed with you claims. Your best bet may be to speak to an attorney, who could help you determine the best way to move forward.

In the video above, attorney David Anderson explains the importance of obtaining counsel following a maritime injury.

[Latti’s Little Extra: According to the CDC, hand, wrist and finger injuries accounted for 10.3 percent of all U.S. emergency room visits in 2009.]

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