Four Injured in NJ Grounding Boat Accident

According to WABC-TV, four people were injured on July 11 in a New Jersey boating accident.

The network reported that the accident occurred in Little Egg Harbor Bay, between Holgate Long Beach Island and Little Egg Harbor Township. The recreational 50-foot boat reportedly ran aground with 13 people aboard.

One woman, in her 60s, had to be taken to a hospital with neck and head injuries. Two other men and another woman were also transported to area hospitals for non-life threatening injury treatment. New Jersey State Police and Ocean County officials are investigating the accident.

It remains unclear what caused the boat to run aground. Charges are pending.

Why Would a Boat Run Aground?

Some of the most common reasons why boats run aground include:

  • Reckless or drunk boating
  • Speeding
  • Operators not paying attention to signs
  • Poor visibility
  • Strong tide or wind
  • Issues with weight or cargo

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