Groom Paralyzed in Boating Accident Walks Down the Aisle

A man who was left paralyzed following a 2011 recreational boating accident was able to walk down the aisle at his wedding last month thanks to rehabilitation and a mechanical exoskeleton.

The man was paralyzed from the chest down during a trip in July of 2011 when he slipped while attempting to jump off a boat into shallow water. Through years of physical therapy, the man was able to reach a point where he could drive, work and live on his own.

Following his engagement in December of 2013, the man learned about exoskeleton, which could allow him to stand and walk. The man initially had to find a hospital that did not limit exoskeleton use to military personnel, and once he did, he trained for seven months to be able to walk for less than an hour using the exoskeleton.

Happily, all his hard work paid off on October 18, when he was able to stand, walk down the aisle and face his bride-to-be while they exchanged vows.

What Are Some Common Boat Accident Injuries?

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