Cape May Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Cape May Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

When you’re the victim of a maritime injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting the compensation you deserve. With an expert maritime law firm like Latti & Anderson LLP, you can eliminate stress, worry, and frustration when fighting for your maritime injury compensation.

Serving the Cape May, New Jersey area, Latti & Anderson LLP offers legal representation for merchant seamen, fishermen, or other maritime enthusiasts or professionals who have sustained injuries. With our experienced team by your side, you can rest assured we’re fighting for your rights – even if you’re up against a big-name corporation.

About Latti & Anderson LLP

Latti & Anderson LLP has been offering maritime injury victims top notch, tireless advocacy for more than 50 years. Our firm is nationally recognized for its successful record in fighting for those who have sustained maritime injuries, as well as their families. The Jones Act lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP have achieved top settlements and verdicts in maritime injuries and deaths throughout the United States. They have a proven and successful track record, obtaining over $100 million in settlements, and have had cases ranked among the Top Ten Jury Verdicts in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Latti & Anderson LLP serves clients in Cape May as well as around the United States, trying cases in Federal and State courts throughout the nation. Our attorneys have consistently gone up against big-name maritime companies and commercial fishing vessels and remain up-to-date with the latest maritime legal strategies as members of the Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire Bars, American Association for Justice, and American Bar Association. Throughout the years, Latti & Anderson LLP has handled many cases against Cape May fishing vessel owners recovering millions in dollars for the injured commercial fisherman and for families who have lost loved ones who have died on a commercial fishing vessel.

With our experience, proven record of success, and fierce commitment to providing maritime injury victims only the best legal care and advocacy, you can face your maritime injury case with confidence and reassurance. Going through your injury is stressful enough, and letting us handle your legal processes can make all the difference in getting what you deserve for your suffering.

Latti & Anderson LLP Practice Areas

Whether you’ve undergone maritime injuries during your career or suffered a maritime injury during a recreational trip, Latti & Anderson LLP can pursue damages for your case. We serve maritime injury victims in the Cape May area who have sustained injuries from a lack of safety procedures or instructions, faulty or inadequate equipment, improper policies, sunken and damaged vessels, and more. Our clients have sustained burns, broken bones in the arms or legs, head injuries, spinal or brain injuries, amputations, torn muscles or ligaments, physical or sexual assault, and others.

If you’ve suffered a maritime injury, don’t settle for less when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve. Latti & Anderson LLP can pursue damages for pain and suffering, trauma, past and future wage loss, and medical costs associated with your maritime injury.

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When you’ve sustained a maritime injury in an accident, or on the job in Cape May or surrounding areas, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact an experienced maritime law firm like Latti & Anderson LLP today. We can help you learn your rights in your case, provide strategies to help you through the days ahead, and even defend you against a big-name maritime company. Give our office a call at 1-800-392-6072 to schedule a confidential consultation.