Eastport Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Eastport Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Have you, or one of your loved ones, been injured in a maritime accident? Then it’s time to seek confidential guidance from trusted maritime law firm Latti & Anderson LLP. We’re here to support and serve those in the Eastport, Maine area, and understand the devastating impact maritime injuries can have upon an individual. We will endeavor to use our integral legal experience to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

About Latti & Anderson LLP

Latti & Anderson LLP is a well-established maritime law firm fully versed in the Jones Act. We are committed to winning compensation for maritime professionals and enthusiasts in the Eastport area and beyond. From merchant seamen to ferry passengers – if you’ve been injured, we want to help.  Allow us to handle your settlement, so you can focus on your recovery, and getting your life back on track.

We’re well-versed in fighting hard for our clients and renowned for our professionalism, proficiency, and ability to serve maritime injury victims in Eastport and surrounding areas. We’re proud to say that we are very successful at what we do, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Latti & Anderson LLP are consistently ranked in Super Lawyers. We’ve had cases featured in the prominent Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and have championed injury settlements and verdicts of multi-millions.

Latti & Anderson Practice Areas

Latti & Anderson LLP offers legal guidance and support to those who have been faced with maritime injuries in Eastport and the surrounding areas. Injury may have been caused due to faulty equipment, insufficient processes, and procedures, or an absence of safety measures. We are also devoted to assisting those who have sustained injuries due to working or traveling on a substandard vessel.

We’ve successfully stood up for maritime injury victims in Eastport and other areas, with all manner of injuries, including torn ligaments, head and brain trauma, lost limbs, and spinal cord injuries. We have also steadfastly represented those who have tragically lost loved ones through a maritime accident.

Here at Latti & Anderson LLP, we are aware that taking on a large corporation may seem daunting, and we ask you to put your trust in us to do that for you. Our skilled team of maritime injury attorneys provides support to those in the Eastport area and are dedicated to acquiring the most favorable outcome possible.

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Latti & Anderson LLP is a global company serving Eastport, Maine and surrounding areas, and we are willing to travel far and wide to ensure we provide our clients with a first-class service. We take pride in helping maritime injury victims exercise their rights, and we make it our business to tackle each case with integrity and the utmost care. Contact us now at 1-800-392-6072, and schedule a confidential consultation.