Milford Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Milford Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

At Latti & Anderson LLP, we provide first-class representation to victims of marine-related accidents. Our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and negotiating the financial compensation you are entitled to. Our firm specializes in maritime injury cases and has been serving clients in the Milford area for over 50 years.

About Latti & Anderson LLP

At Latti & Anderson LLP, the team has been involved in cases all around the country in both Federal and State courts. Our Jones Act attorneys have had considerable success in maritime injury and death cases across the United States. Based in Boston, the firm has worked with a wide range of clients, including recreational passengers, commercial fishermen, and merchant seamen.

For more than 5 decades, our lawyers have served the Milford area, providing expert advice and professional representation in maritime injury and wrongful death cases. In Massachusetts, Latti & Anderson LLP has won top settlements and verdicts totaling more than $100 million, and our work has been noted by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in their list of Top Ten Jury Verdicts and Settlements.

Latti & Anderson LLP Practice Areas

Injuries resulting from maritime-related accidents deserve answers, retributive actions, and appropriate compensation. We provide legal assistance and support to clients in the Milford area who have been injured as a result of things like lack of appropriate safety measures, faulty equipment or inefficient procedures.

The nature and extent of injuries we have sought restitution for vary widely, from torn ligaments, broken bones and burns to sexual assault, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. At Latti & Anderson LLP, our lawyers have successfully negotiated compensation for medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and even death of a loved one.

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Maritime law is a complex area, but our experienced lawyers can help negotiate fair settlements while working to ease the strain on you and your family. At Latti & Anderson LLP, we are committed to fighting for your rights as a maritime injury victim, and our compassionate attorneys can provide advice and support throughout the process. Contact us to discuss the details of your case with a member of our team. Call 1-800-392-6072 for a confidential consultation today.