Norfolk Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Norfolk Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Although working in the maritime industry is very fulfilling, it is an environment which is associated with major accidents and injuries. Maritime injuries can happen to anyone regardless of whether you are a merchant seaman, recreational fisherman, a traveler, any other marine professional or enthusiast. Sustaining a maritime injury can severely impact your health, life, and future.

Getting the right injury compensation can be challenging, but with the right law firm, such as Latti & Anderson LLP, you can get the proper compensation. Latti & Anderson LLP serves the Norfolk, Virginia area with integrity, dedication, and professionalism. With highly experienced and seasoned attorneys, once we take over your case, you can count on us to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you have suffered a maritime injury due to negligence, an unseaworthy vessel or an accident, our competent attorneys will ensure that you have top-notch representation and advocacy to get you what you need to rebuild your future.

About Latti & Anderson LLP

Serving clients for over 50 years, Latti & Anderson LLP has helped numerous victims of maritime injury get justice. Formed with a mission to help merchant seamen, crew members, longshoremen, ship passengers, commercial fishers and boaters, Latti & Anderson LLP has emerged as a leader among maritime law firms in the U.S. Our attorneys have been recognized by Super Lawyers where we are consistently ranked for unparalleled litigation skills and advocacy for maritime injury victims.

Our Jones Act lawyers have achieved top settlements and verdicts in maritime injuries and deaths throughout the United States. Several of our cases have been mentioned among Top Ten Jury Verdicts and Settlements in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, and we have been ranked among the nation’s top 100 lawyers, obtaining over $100 million in some of the country’s top settlements.

At Latti & Anderson LLP we understand how devastating a maritime injury can be on your life and your family. With our team by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is being represented by one of the top maritime law firms in the nation. If you are in the Norfolk, Virginia or surrounding area, put your trust in Latti & Anderson LLP to be your fiercest of advocates as well as a compassionate ally. No matter your circumstances, you can put your trust in us to fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

Latti & Anderson LLP Practice Areas

Latti & Anderson LLP provides a range of legal services to victims of maritime injuries which may have resulted from lack of safety equipment, faulty equipment, unstable vessels, improper procedures, lack of safety procedures, improper operations, and sunken vessels, among others.

We provide legal counsel and representation to victims from Norfolk, Virginia and surrounding areas who have suffered burns, spinal cord injuries, amputations, head and brain injuries, physical or sexual assaults, torn muscles and ligaments to arms to arms and legs, and families who have lost their relatives due to maritime injuries.

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