Rye Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

Rye Area Maritime Injury Lawyer

When you’ve suffered through the trauma of sustaining a maritime injury, the last thing you should have to worry about is getting the compensation you deserve. Trusting your case with a certified maritime law firm like Latti & Anderson LLP can make all the difference in fighting for your rights.

Serving individuals in the Rye, New Hampshire area, Latti & Anderson LLP provides legal counsel, support, and advocacy for those who have undergone a maritime injury due to accident or negligence. With more than 50 years of experience in defending maritime injury victims and families, our attorneys offer top notch, quality legal care.

About Latti & Anderson LLP

For decades, Latti & Anderson LLP has been representing maritime injury victims against big-name maritime companies and commercial fishing vessels. Our firm has represented clients all over the United States and in the Rye area, fighting for victims’ rights in both federal and state courts. In fact, Latti & Anderson LLP has achieved some of the  top settlements of $1 million or more, and our cases have been named by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for the Top Ten Jury Verdicts.

Our qualified maritime injury attorneys know exactly what it takes to get the compensation you deserve from your maritime accident. They are active members of the Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire Bars, American Association for Justice, and American Bar Association. The Jones Act lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP have achieved top settlements and verdicts in maritime injuries and deaths throughout the United States.

When you trust Latti & Anderson LLP with your maritime injury case, you can rest assured you’re getting the best. We strive to help you move past your injury and look forward to a happy, healthy future – with the compensation you deserve.

Latti & Anderson LLP Practice Areas

Latti & Anderson LLP serves clients who have undergone maritime injuries from an accident or act of negligence. We have represented individuals who have sustained maritime injuries from improper policies, unsafe operations, lack of safety equipment, absence of safety procedures, faulty or broken equipment, damaged or sunken vessels, and more. Our clients have included those who have faced injuries such as head or brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, torn muscles or ligaments, broken bones in the arms or legs, amputations, physical attack and sexual assault, and others.

By enlisting the help of our maritime law firm, you can seek damages for pain, suffering, medical costs, trauma, and wage loss associated with your maritime injury. Sustaining a maritime injury is traumatic enough without the added pressure of legal and financial worries. If you live in or near the Rye area and need legal help, trust Latti & Anderson LLP to help your case succeed.

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Whether you’ve undergone a maritime injury on the job or in a recreational accident in the Rye area, contact Latti & Anderson LLP today for the legal advocacy you deserve. We can get started on your case, or simply inform you of your rights in your unique situation. To begin, give our toll-free number a call at 1-800-392-6072 and set up your first, fully confidential consultation.