Construction Barge Sinks Into the Chicago River

Construction Barge Sinks Into the Chicago River

Recently, a construction barge the size of a football field and wide as a city street sank into the Chicago River, according to WBBM-TV. The barge, which was near the intersection of Wacker and Lake at the time of the incident, was filled with clay being used for a construction project when it began taking on water.

Prior to the barge becoming fully submerged, which happened around 1 p.m., witnesses reported hearing a loud boom. It was unclear whether a mechanical defect, human error or something else caused the barge to begin taking on water.

The barge belongs to Clark Construction, and company officials said they are investigating what caused the vessel to sink.

What Is Unseaworthiness?

In the video above, maritime trial lawyer David Anderson talks about who is responsible when accidents, injuries or damage is caused by unsafe conditions aboard a vessel.

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