How Dangerous are Tugboat Accidents?

Earlier this month, we discussed how some people assume that tugboats are safer than other vessels due to their smaller size and build. However, poor working conditions aboard tugboats can still lead to serious accidents.

Remember, a vessel’s unseaworthiness can lead to collisions, equipment malfunctions, electrical complications and fires, in addition to capsizing and sinking incidents. In these events, workers can suffer serious injuries including brain injury damage, paralysis, serious burns, disfigurement and amputation, in addition to drowning and death.

Our law firm has represented many tugboat accident victims. If you are ever injured in a maritime accident, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney about pursuing damages. There are various federal laws that may protect you that are aimed at compensating you following an incident.

Sinking Tugboat Incident Kills One, Injures Three in NY

We bring up tugboat accidents because earlier this month, a captain and three crewmembers were involved in a sinking incident on the Atlantic Ocean near Fire Island, New York.

According to Middletown Patch, the incident took place on March 14 when the 62-foot Sea Bear started to sink about a mile to a mile-and-a-half south of Barrett Beach. Three of the men working aboard the vessel were able to put on survival suits, but the captain was not, and rescue workers later found his body.

The men were reportedly working on a dredging project when the incident took place. It remains unclear why the incident took place—Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives and the U.S. Coast Guard are conducting an investigation into the case. One of the men allegedly had a cell phone and was able to call the Vessel Traffic Service for rescue.

Speaking to an Attorney About a Tugboat Accident

In the video above, David Anderson explains the importance of obtaining counsel following a maritime accident. Keep in mind, the family members of maritime workers who are killed at sea have certain rights—whether it may be under wrongful death claims under state laws, Jones Act as well as under the Death on the High Seas Act (DOSHA).

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