Could a Tugboat Severely Damage an Aircraft Carrier?

Could a Tugboat Severely Damage an Aircraft Carrier?

The Pennsylvania Record reported earlier this month about a tugboat accident that involved an aircraft carrier. The incident took place in November of 2012 and caused damage to a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the USS John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The story is back in the news now because a lawsuit has been filed against the tugboat company seeking compensation for the damage. Rhoads Industries, Inc. filed the suit in a Pennsylvania court. Rhoads is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for a crane it leases that sustained over $1 million in damage in the tugboat accident.

Rhoads used the crane to move large cargo on and off ships in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. The company has not been able to use the crane since the incident, which it claims in its suit is costing it money because it has to turn down jobs it would have been able to complete using the crane.

The US Navy has yet to complete its review of the damage the aircraft carrier sustained in the incident.

Who Can I Call If I Was Hurt in a Tugboat Wreck? 

Because employers are often working from day one to make sure that they can pay an injured worker as little as possible, it is very important that workers, even if they only suspect they could have been injured while working on a tugboat, talk to a maritime attorney so they know their rights and what they’re entitled to receive.

Following any type of on-the-job maritime accident or injury, as maritime attorney Carolyn Latti explains in the video above, it is very important that you speak to a lawyer, many of whom will meet with you confidentially and free of charge.

Latti’s Little Extra: The USS John Fitzgerald Kennedy is the only ship of her class, which is a subclass of the Kitty-Hawk class aircraft carrier.

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