Client Testimonial – Chris Curtis

Meet Latti & Anderson, LLP client, Chris Curtis. Our maritime injury attorneys represented Chris in a claim for an eye injury. We were able to settle this case for him out of court. In this video, watch Chris discuss his experience working with our law firm and explain why he would recommend us to other maritime injury clients.

Video Transcription

My name is Chris Curtis. I’ve been a client for Latti & Anderson for the past 16 months. We just recently settled out of court, which was awesome. I chose the firm, I was recommended through somebody who had heard some really good things about them. And after doing research myself, I kind of came to the conclusion they were the best of the best. The reason I like the firm was the whole process was fast, easy. I was in touch with everybody the whole time. I was informed everything that was going on. I liked the fact that I was always called on every detail. I was emailed all specifics. The fact that we settled out of court was a big plus for me. I think going to court would have been a little bit nerve-wracking. I think I would highly recommend anybody in the same situation. For me I had a rope part take out my eye, which I’m now fully blind in that eye. And what we were able to do and how we were able to handle it has kind of put me in a position where I’m able to readjust my life and take the steps necessary to get myself back on my feet. And like I said before, anybody in the same situation for maritime law I highly recommend using Latti & Anderson. And I think that’s good.