Club Promoter Injured in Miami Boating Accident

Club Promoter Injured in Miami Boating Accident

Last week, we discussed how recreational boating accidents can occur when we blogged about a capsizing incident that led to the death of a man in Georgia.

Remember, boating accidents can occur for a number of reasons including overcrowding and collisions with other vessels, as well as collisions with rocks, docks, jetties, piers and sandbars. Many of these issues are avoidable, as they often occur due to inattention, inexperience or recklessness. In some accidents, dangerous habits like speeding and/or alcohol use contribute to crashes.

Aside from drowning and death, recreational boating accidents can result in serious injuries stemming from trauma including broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Nightclub Promoter Involved in Boating Accident with Girlfriend

Sadly, according to the Miami Herald, on March 20, a popular nightclub promoter was seriously injured along with his girlfriend when his speedboat T-boned a concrete wall near the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Miami Beach.

The Herald reported that Michael Capponi, 42, the operator of the boat, and Brooke D. Biederman, 23, suffered injuries in the accident, which remains under investigation.

Biederman reportedly suffered serious head injuries, and as of last week, she was placed in a medically induced coma to reduce the swelling of her brain. Capponi reportedly suffered broken ribs and a broken collarbone.

Reports indicate that neither drugs nor alcohol were found aboard the boat, and there is speculation that Capponi may have blacked out for some reason prior to the accident.

Contacting an Attorney About a Recreational Boating Accident

As we discussed last week, if your loved one is killed or you are injured in a recreational boating accident, it may be wise to speak to an attorney. It may prove to be important for you to find out why an accident occurred and have an independent investigation take place, in addition to one conducted by local or federal authorities.

In the video above, our attorney talks about what you should do following a boating accident. Remember, you may be entitled to damages for your injuries. This could help you move forward with injury treatment, which can include expensive therapy and rehabilitation.

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[Latti’s Little Extra: According to the U.S. Coast Guard, about 50 percent of recreational boating accidents involve alcohol use.]