Did Alcohol Play a Role in Fatal Texas Boat Accident?

Officials have discovered that alcohol was involved in a deadly Lake Austin boat accident in Texas.

KXAN-TV reports that a Texas Parks & Wildlife preliminary investigation indicates that alcohol, including partially consumed liquor bottles, were found aboard the boat following the accident, which took place on October 11.

The crash killed two people, including a prominent Houston businessperson and an Austin woman. The boat accident occurred when the recreational vessel crashed into a barge that was in place to build a dock along a shoreline in the area, near a park. Both victims died due to blunt force trauma. Three other passengers were also injured in the accident.

It is estimated that the boat was traveling at speeds of 40 mph at the time of the crash. A report found that warning lights near the barge were flashing and activated when the incident occurred, with a flash interval of between one second and one and a half seconds.

The family of the female victim has allegedly obtained an attorney, although no lawsuits have been filed yet, as the incident remains under investigation.

You Should Always Avoid Drunk Boating

Although fewer people in the north are boating recreationally now due to cold weather, in the south, many people continue to enjoy activities in the water. Just as drunk driving is dangerous, it can be deadly to consume alcohol during the operation of a recreational boat.

Sadly, alcohol use was the primary cause of 21 percent of all fatal recreational boating accidents in 2014, according to the US Coast Guard. This number is unacceptable, because these accidents are completely avoidable. Remember, if you cause a drunk boating accident, you can face not only criminal charges, but you can also be held liable by an injury victim and/or his or her family.

In the video above, attorney David Anderson explains how Latti & Anderson LLP represents recreational boating accident victims nationwide.

Source: http://kxan.com/2015/12/02/crash-report-alcohol-involved-in-fatal-lake-austin-boat-crash/