Do Hit and Run Boating Accidents Happen?

A little girl was injured in a boating accident when the boat that she was on was crashed into by another vessel, which then promptly fled the area. She was the only injury among seven passengers, three of which were children.

The owner of the boat alleges that the other boat was speeding towards them without any lights. The operator of the speeding boat ignored calls to stop, ran into the side of the boat and then took off. Fortunately, the children had life preservers on.

It is believed that two people were in the runaway vessel, which may have measured about 30 feet.

Proper investigation by governmental agencies will need to occur to find the boat that was involved in the collision.  In some instances, it may be contacting local marinas to find boats that are being repaired or identifying vessels in the area through different vessel tracking systems.

In one case in which Latti & Anderson LLP represented the family of a deceased crew member who died on a fishing vessel struck by a tanker, governmental authorities were able to identify the vessel that struck the fishing vessel, by the identifying the paint of the fishing vessel on the hull of the tanker.

In any case, it is important that a proper investigation is done.

What Should I Do After an Accident on the Water?

In the video above, maritime trial lawyer Carolyn Latti informs you on what you should do after an accident on the water. Insurance companies, experts, the Coast Guard, the harbormaster and other individuals or organizations may be involved in the investigation of your accident. It is important to find a nationwide maritime injury attorney that can represent you in your boating accident case.

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