Who Can I Call If I Was Hurt While Working on a Cruise Ship?

In late October, two cruise ship employees were involved in an on-the-job accident, which resulted in one being seriously injured and the other losing his life.

According to Cruise Critic, the incident took place on Princess Cruises Coral Princess while the vessel was docked in Colon, Panama. Both the workers were in a lifeboat at the time of the accident. They had been lowered in the lifeboat so that they could perform maintenance on the Coral Princess’ hull.

The problem occurred when the lifeboat was being raised back onto the ship. As it was being lifted, one of the cables broke, which caused the lifeboat to drop into the ocean with the two cruise ship employees still onboard.

Following the incident, both the crewmembers were rescued and taken to a hospital onshore. Tragically, one of the crewmembers lost his life as a result of the injuries he suffered in the accident.

Lawyers That Handle On-the-Water Accidents 

As maritime trial lawyer Carolyn Latti explains in the video below, if you were hurt or a loved one was killed while working on the water, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are knowledgeable and experienced maritime trial lawyers who will meet with you confidentially and free of charge to talk with you about your situation.

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Source: http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=6051