Coast Guard Rescues Injured Cruise Ship Passenger

According to KSWB-TV, an 80-year-old woman had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard following a cruise ship injury that occurred on August 28, near the California coast.

The news outlet reported that the Coast Guard received an emergency call at around midnight that the woman was experiencing severe headaches and was nauseous after hitting her head on something aboard the Carnival Imagination vessel.

The woman was evacuated from the boat by an emergency response team and taken to a hospital in San Diego for treatment. The incident remains under investigation. No further details were released as to what the woman hit her head on or how the situation evolved.

The vessel was about 35 miles west of Point Loma when the woman was medically evacuated.

Why Do People Suffer Injuries on Cruise Ships?

Cruise ship injuries can occur for a number of reasons, including collisions, overboard accidents and slip-and-falls on decks, dance floors, loose carpet, stairs, gangways and other vessel areas. If you are ever injured aboard a cruise ship, speak to our nationwide maritime attorneys about your legal rights.

Our cruise ship accident attorneys can help you obtain damages. We can investigate if your accident occurred due to negligence on behalf of the cruise line. It may be possible that a vessel was being operated in poor conditions or that there were premises liability issues aboard that caused your accident.

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