Pembroke Woman Seriously Injured in Cruise Ship Fall

According to WFXT-TV, on September 10, a New Hampshire woman was critically injured aboard the Carnival Victory after slipping and falling on the vessel.

The news outlet reported that the woman, 24, is “fighting for her life”. The incident happened less than 24 hours after she boarded the vessel. The woman allegedly “fell hard” and struck the back of her head against something on the vessel.

WFXT said the woman was taken off the ship and transported to a hospital for treatment about six to eight hours after the accident. She allegedly suffered multiple strokes, with her friends telling the news outlet that she might never be able to talk or walk again.

As of last week, hospital workers were reportedly trying to work with Carnival to determine what caused the accident. Additionally, the victim’s family was attempting to fly down to Florida, where the cruise departed from, so that they could be with her.

It is unclear if national or local authorities are investigating the incident. As of last week, the woman remained in critical condition. It is very important that the proper investigation occurs.  This includes interviewing witnesses, examining the area where the women was injured and reviewing and preserving all video from the ship.

If You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship, You Need to Contact Our Maritime Attorneys

As we noted last week in our blog, cruise ship injuries can occur for a number of reasons, including collisions, overboard accidents and slip-and-falls on decks, dance floors, loose carpet, stairs, gangways and other vessel areas. All of these incidents can result in devastating injuries and/or death.

Latti & Anderson obtained an $400,000 verdict for a women who slipped and fell on the dance floor of a cruise ship and sustained a torn rotator cuff who was out of week for about 5 months.

If you are ever injured aboard a cruise ship accident, our nationwide maritime attorneys can help you obtain damages. We can investigate your accident and determine if it occurred due to carelessness or recklessness of a cruise line. Litigation involving cruise ship accidents can be very complex, so you will want to make sure that you work with a top-notch maritime attorney. It is very important with a cruise ship injury to contact a maritime attorney as there are time limitations as to sending notice to the cruise ship company and when and where a lawsuit must be brought.

In the video above, maritime injury attorney David Anderson explains what laws apply to passengers injured on cruise ships.  Call our law firm today if you have been harmed on a cruise ship. We represent victims nationwide.

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