Man Falls from Sailboat and Drowns in Lake Ontario

Time and time again, we hear reports of experienced boaters succumbing to drowning accidents. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and we must do our best to follow safety guidelines and train properly for any given boating situation. No one is immune to the power of the water.

Last month, a 49-year-old Erie County man drowned after falling out of his sailboat on Lake Ontario.

A 911 call was placed by those onshore who noticed the man in what appeared to be distress.

The man was wearing a life vest when he went overboard, but it appears that unusually heavy winds from the northeast, as well as shifting currents in the lake, may have contributed to the man’s difficulties.

Emergency crews found the man about 50 yards offshore, but because the waters were so violent, they were forced to swim out to retrieve him.

Still breathing when they pulled him from the water, the man was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, but staff there were unable to revive him, and he died. The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was drowning.

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