How Do Ferry Crews Prepare for Unforeseeable Accidents?

Whenever we buy a ticket for a ferry, we innately trust that the crew of that boat is prepared for any kind of emergency situation. Of course, we also assume that the crew is trained well enough that no emergencies will arise in the first place, but unexpected accidents do happen. This is why the crews train to begin with.

Last month, public officials practiced what they would do when passengers are injured if a commuter ferry crashes into a dock. The drill was conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

FerryPolice, firefighters and emergency crews performed a mock rescue of about 40 volunteers who were on hand to act as ferry commuters in varying states of crisis.

The drill was held at a commuter boat dock as part of an emergency preparedness program, and was the first exercise involving ferries in over five years.

Although uncommon, ferry accidents do occur, as evidenced by the tragic South Korean ferry sinking earlier this year in which hundreds of schoolchildren perished. Closer to home, the Provincetown IV Ferry broke down near Scituate, MA, just a couple of weeks ago.

The ferry had an engine failure and was unable to continue its course. The Coast Guard and local authorities were called upon to rescue the stranded passengers. Luckily, no one was hurt.

I Need a Ferry Accident Attorney

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