Boston Maritime Trial Lawyers Say Recent Story Highlights Importance of Filing Lawsuit

Boston Maritime Trial Lawyers Say Recent Story Highlights Importance of Filing Lawsuit

A recent story from Canada’s CBC News discussed some of the struggles that single father Ian Reid has been facing ever since a workplace accident while working offshore with Hibernia changed everything. “I hurt my back,” Reid said. “And once I hurt my back with the offshore, that was, it kind of went downhill from there. Spiraled downhill, moneywise, financial-wise.”

Reid has been on workers’ compensation for the past two years, but he said it has not been enough money for him to cover rent, food and the cost of living. Even though he filed for bankruptcy and sold everything he could, he was still two months behind on his rent. Reid said his total income is $1,479, and his landlord—who Reid said has been understanding—would like to charge $1,500 a month rent. While Reid would like to move to a cheaper place, he does not have enough money to cover moving costs, a deposit and a first month of rent.

Reid said the even though he has been trying to shelter his 14-year-old daughter from his money stresses, he told CBC about a phone call she made to him one day from school during lunchtime. “She said, ‘You know, Dad … There’s not much home right now … Take that PS3 you got me for my birthday and bring it down to Traders, which is the pawn shop,’” Reid said. “And she said, ‘We’ll get some money for that, and we’ll be able to put some groceries in the house.’”

Reid’s daughter picked up a job on the weekends, and he said they often use the money she earns for household bills and groceries. He also said that he has joined the line at a food bank for the first time in his life, but his daughter “often goes to school without any lunch.”

This story shows why if you or a loved one sustains an injury in an offshore accident, it can be in your best interest to contact a knowledgeable and experienced  maritime attorney as soon as possible. Not only can you secure the compensation you and your family deserve when you or a loved one’s work ability has been significantly affected, but you also have a very limited window of time to file a lawsuit to collect damages. Latti & Anderson has been representing individuals and families in all sorts of claims stemming from maritime accidents, and some of the multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements we have obtained for clients includes a $1.15 million settlement for a welder who sustained a back injury in a crane accident.

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