Experienced Massachusetts Boater Involved in Fatal Accident

Safe boating is nothing to take lightly. Even the most experienced boaters can fall victim to tragic accidents.

Last week, we shared the sad story of a Navy veteran who drowned during a weekend fishing trip. That man was an experienced swimmer and obviously knew his way around watercraft.

Calm seas, however, can still be unforgiving. For this reason, we must always use extreme caution when boating. Accidents can happen to anyone, and any practiced boater will tell you that we must always respect the sea.

One day earlier this month, the owner of a boat rental company died when he fell overboard and was struck by his own boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

Unfortunately, the victim was on his way, alone, to help a customer aboard one of his rentals when he fell overboard. No one knows what happened to cause him to fall out of his own boat.

The unoccupied craft was still circling when the patrol team reached the scene. Officers were forced to lay their lines in the water to foul the boat’s propeller and stop it. Authorities are checking the boat for mechanical problems with the vessel or its steering system.

The bio on his company’s website tells us that the victim was a native of coastal Massachusetts who “spent most of his childhood and his adult life fishing in the waters of Boston Harbor and Cape Cod.”

In the video below, maritime trial lawyer David Anderson explains why it is important to contact a qualified attorney after seeking medical treatment for injuries occurring at sea.

Accidents at Sea Can Be Prevented with Care and Caution

Devastating stories like these just go to prove that accidents can happen at any time, regardless of one’s experience level. All it takes is one moment. If you have had a loved one injured or killed in a recreational boating accident, you deserve the time to deal with the devastation of your loss without being overwhelmed by hospital bills, lost income and a complicated legal battle.

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