Tugboat Captain Killed by Falling Crane

Even experienced boat operators can fall victim to tragic accidents. But when those accidents could have been avoided by following safety guidelines, it is even more tragic. If tugboat owners and operators fail to follow adequate safety measures, they are putting their lives, as well as the lives of their crews, at serious risk.

A 46-year-old tugboat captain was tragically killed in Louisiana earlier this month following an unusual accident in which a crane fell on his tugboat as he steered under a bridge.

TugboatThe tugboat pushed a barge which was carrying a massive crane. The tug’s captain requested that the Florida Avenue Bridge be raised so he could pass underneath.

As the tug and barge passed below the open drawbridge, the crane came into contact with the bridge and toppled over onto the tugboat’s wheelhouse, crushing it and trapping the captain inside.

Crews in the area assisted in getting the tugboat to the nearest dock. The New Orleans Fire Department pulled the captain from the crushed wheelhouse, but sadly he had already died from his injuries.

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