Bosun or Boatswain Job Duties

Bosun or Boatswain Job Duties

The profession of bosun or boatswain is an physically demanding merchant seamen position. A bosun or boatswain oversees and is in charge of the rigging, anchoring, cables, etc.  He/she is responsible for all the ship’s hull and all of its components.  The bosun controls and oversees the work of the other able bodied seaman, AB’s,  on deck. In the industry, the bosun is also known as the middleman between the ship superiors and the AB’s and part of his job is to make sure that the AB’s carry out their duties.

Over the years, Latti & Anderson LLP has represented bosuns on tankers, cargo ships to container ships.  We obtained an settlement of $5.9 million for a bosun who fell overboard while pulling in a gangway and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for help under maritime law. Any maritime worker who has been injured on the job is entitled to Maintenance and Cure, regardless of fault.

How Can Maintenance and Cure Help Me If I’m Injured At Work?

In this video, nationwide maritime attorney David Anderson of Latti & Anderson explains how maintenance and cure applies to an injured maritime worker. Under this law, you could receive financial damages for an injury until the point of “maximum medical cure.” This means payment would end once you have reached the point that you will not be getting any better or worse because of your injury.

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[Latti’s Little Extra: Boatswains have been a part of navy history since the year 1040.]

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