Wales Ferry Accident Caused by Crew Fatigue, Officials Say

A ferry accident in Holyhead, Wales may have been caused by crew exhaustion and unfamiliarity with the vessel’s equipment and safety procedures, according to an official report. The ferry accident occurred in February when the vessel collided into a port in Anglesey and punctured a hole in the hull, flooding the pump room.

All 77 passengers and 44 crew escaped the vessel unharmed in the accident, but the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) of the Department for Transport has been investigating the incident. The investigation found that procedures for pre-arrival checks were inadequate and that the crew lacked familiarity with the ferry’s equipment and emergency procedures. The report also suggested that fatigue may have contributed to the accident. There were two captains and two chief officers on board the vessel at the time of the collision, working alternate 12-hour shifts. The MAIB suggested that the company who owns the ferry take steps to improve its safety training with crewmembers.

A ferry accident also occurred in New Jersey recently that injured 30 people on board, including the vessel’s captain. The ferry struck a Jersey City pier on November 30, and witnesses to the accident said the ferry was traveling at a high rate of speed before it collided with the pier. The spokesman for the company that operates the ferry called the incident “very, very rare” and said the ferry made a “hard landing.” An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Ferry accidents are often the result of collision with other vessels or piers, objects in the water and operator error.  In order to avoid ferry accidents and injuries to both passengers and crew, it is important that the crew and the owner and operators of the ferry properly train the crew and the crew follows proper procedures and operations.

What Do I Do if I am Injured in a Ferry Accident?

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