Drunk Boating Accidents: How Can an Attorney Help?

We have brought up several times in previous blogs the dangers of drunken recreational boating. Sadly, alcohol use is a factor in almost a third of all recreational boating fatalities in the U.S., according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

With this in mind, a former state delegate in Maryland who was convicted of drunken boating following a crash that left several people injured was ordered to pay almost $92,000 to one of the victims following a lawsuit.

According to the Capital of Annapolis, a judge ordered Don Dwyer to pay Earl Mitchell for medical bills and pain and suffering because of the August 2012 crash. Mitchell was aboard an 18-foot Bayliner that collided with Dwyer’s 26-foot Targa Baha Cruiser The Legislator on the Magothy River, the news outlet reported.

Mitchell reportedly suffered injuries to his shoulder, neck, mouth, teeth and head because of the crash. Prior to the accident, Dwyer had served in the Maryland House of Delegates in 2003, winning elections in 2006 and 2010.

Working With an Attorney Following a Drunk Boating Accident

As this case shows, it may be wise to work with an attorney following a drunk boating accident, as a person boating while drunk should be held accountable when their actions cause serious injuries to others. An experienced maritime attorney should know the specific laws that apply to your case.

In the video above, our own David Anderson explains why you should discuss your legal rights with a lawyer following an injury incident. For more information about our firm, visit our Facebook or Twitter pages, and continue to follow our blog.

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