Avoid Memorial Day Drunk Boating

If you plan to enjoy recreational activities this Memorial Day weekend, make sure that you avoid reckless behavior such as drunk boating.

Alcohol affects a person’s balance, judgment and reaction time—this is a dangerous mix when someone is operating a boat. Many fatal recreational boating accidents are the result of intoxicated operators—in fact, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol use is a factor in almost a third of all boating fatalities in America. Sadly, these accidents tend to increase around the holidays, as people enjoy their time off from work.

If you cause a drunk boating accident, you can face not only criminal charges, but you can also be held liable by an injury victim and/or his or her family. Over the course of the weekend, many jurisdictions across the country will increase water patrol to discourage people from drunk boating. In most states, boaters are held to the same .08 blood alcohol level threshold that drivers are held to when they are considered intoxicated. Keep in mind, it may only take a few beers or a glass of wine for a boat operator to reach this level.

Working With an Attorney Following a Drunk Boating Accident

Our law firm has worked with countless individuals involved in boating accidents, including victims of drunk boaters. If a drunk boater injures you, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible—you will want to make sure that an investigation takes place, and a maritime trial lawyer will be able to help you secure evidence, including witness statements.

Additionally, our maritime attorneys can help maximize any potential damages you may be entitled to because we understand how local and state laws may apply to your case.

In the video above, attorney David Anderson explains how our firm represents recreational boating accident victims from all over the country.

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