Did Speed and Alcohol Cause a Fatal Michigan Boat Accident?

According to the Macomb Daily, alcohol and speed are being investigated in connection to a fatal recreational boat accident that took place on September 12 on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

The accident reportedly involved two boats that collided, resulting in the drowning death of a 43-year-old female passenger aboard one vessel. The incident took place about one mile north of MacRay Harbor in Harrison Township.

An official with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office reported that the operator of one of the boats might have been drinking prior to the collision. A passenger aboard the vessel told investigators that the man went out to dinner prior to the incident and was seen drinking. Detectives reportedly obtained a warrant immediately after the incident for a blood draw to determine the amount of alcohol in his system.

Additionally, some fiehrman in the water at the time of the crash told officials that one of the boats might have been traveling at a high rate of speed. The collision involved a 27-foot Sea Ray and a 30-foot boat.

One boat had six occupants aboard and the victim was among three people who fell into the water. One person suffered a back injury and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Others were treated at the scene of the incident for minor injuries.

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Much like drunk driving, drunk boating is completely unacceptable. This practice puts many people in danger. If you have been drinking, avoid operating a vessel at all costs—you could face criminal and civil consequences if you cause an accident that leads to someone’s death or injuries.

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In the video above, maritime attorney Carolyn Latti explains how insurance coverage can impact legal claims involving recreational boating accidents.

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