How Can I Tube Safely?

Are you a boat owner who often pulls passengers on tubes? If you do this fun activity, be aware that accidents can happen when you are reckless.

This is why it is important if you are pulling a tube to be as safe as possible. Make sure that your passengers are safe, so you can all have fun in the water. If you are a boater or tuber, has some safety tips for you:

  • Always wear a PFD (personal flotation device)
  • Know your equipment, including its limitations for weight and speed
  • Know the abilities of your rider, or if you are a tuber, do not participate in acts outside of your skill set
  • Use a spotter (make sure that a person who is not operating a vessel is paying attention to any tuber)
  • Be aware of water regulations and make sure you are following posted speeds
  • Drive responsibility, do not operate a boat if you are intoxicated
  • Make sure your towline is secure
  • Check all equipment for damage before you start the activity
  • Use caution when crossing wakes

We often read stories about terrible accidents involving tubers. Many of these incidents are avoidable, if caution is used.

Teen Suffers Head Injuries in North Carolina Tubing Accident

We bring up tubing because recently a North Carolina boating accident sent a teen to the hospital with head injuries, after the tube she was riding on hit a dock. The incident took place on July 29 at Ocean Isle Beach.

According to WWAY-TV, the accident occurred about a half-mile west of the Ocean Isle Bridge, when two teens being pulled on a tube crashed into an old dock that was submerged underwater. Both of the teens were thrown off the tube, with the victim hitting her head on the dock, causing a fracture.

The teen had to be airlifted to a local hospital for treatment; thankfully, she is expected to live. The accident remains under investigation.

Our Maritime Attorneys Represent Tubing Accident Victims From Across the Country

If you have been injured in a tubing accident or your loved one has died, you should speak to our maritime accident attorneys, who represent victims from across the country.

In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti discusses how our law firm represents injury victims with passion. If you have been harmed or your loved one has been killed in a boating or tubing accident, you may be entitled to damages. Before speaking to any insurance representatives, talk to a lawyer first.

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