Two Men Indicted in ‘Naut Guilty’ Boat Accident

Updating a story that we have been following recently, two Boston men have been indicted on charges relating to the Naut Guilty boat accident that resulted in a woman losing her arm.

According to the Boston Globe, attorney Benjamin P. Urbelis, 33, has been indicted on charges of negligent operation of a boat, operating a boat under the influence of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to minors. One of Urbelis’ associates, Alexander Williams, 24, of the West End, has been indicted on charges of negligent operation of a boat, furnishing alcohol to minors and tampering with evidence.

The injury accident happened on May 30. Urbelis, a criminal attorney who handles drunk driving defense, is the owner of the vessel. The victim, 19, allegedly got her arm caught in the boat’s propeller after she fell out of the vessel, as she was trying to get back on. According to authorities, there were multiple underage women on the boat drinking at the time of the incident.

Williams was charged because he was allegedly operating the boat when the accident occurred and he reportedly later tried to tamper with evidence relating to the incident, including cell phone data.

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Again, these criminal charges and this accident should serve as a reminder of the dangers of drunk boating. Drunk boating accidents can result in terrible injuries that require extensive therapy and rehabilitation—operators who choose to drink and boat should be held liable when someone is harmed.

Speak to our maritime attorneys about your rights if a drunk boater has injured you. Stay safe this summer by avoiding drunk boating. Our lawyers represent victims who have suffered due to the negligence of others from all over the United States.

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