Two Women Die in Maryland Boating Accident

Sadly, on July 26, two women were killed in a Maryland boating accident that has many people asking questions about the boater safety in the state.

According to CBS Baltimore, the fatal boat accident occurred by the Key Bridge, near Dundalk. The boat involved, a 37-foot recreational model, reportedly struck a concrete piling near the bridge, ejecting the eight passengers onboard.

The two women who were killed in the accident, ages 41 and 45, reportedly met the operator for the first time at a café the night before the incident. The operator reportedly offered to take the group of passengers to Fells Point, the historic waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore, the following day, when the accident occurred.

The crash remains under investigation. A representative with Maryland Natural Resources Police told CBS Baltimore that it appears as though the operator did not see the concrete pier. Charges are pending and it is not clear if alcohol was involved in the accident. The operator of the vessel was tested for intoxication.

Aside from the two women who died, multiple passengers aboard the vessel also had to be transported to local hospitals for injury treatment. The deaths were Maryland’s 13th and 14th boating fatalities this year, leaving many locals questioning the experience of operators.

“There are now a lot more people on the water. And it ranges from extremely competent, careful, looking out for themselves and others to, unfortunately, just like the roads, some people shouldn’t be on the roads either,” one boater said, according to CBS Baltimore.

Our Maritime Attorneys Help Injured Recreational Boaters

In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti talks about what you should do following a boating accident. Remember, you may be entitled to damages for your injuries, or if your loved one died, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. This could help you move forward with injury treatment, which can be expensive, or help you recover financially for the loss of your family member’s income.

Keep in mind, about 50 percent of recreational boating accidents involve alcohol use. While it is unclear if alcohol played a role in the incident above, you should always avoid drunk boating.

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