Could a Chain Hoist Cause a Barge Accident?

Could a Chain Hoist Cause a Barge Accident?

Chain hoists, which consist of a pulley held together by a closed chain, are used to make lifting heavy objects and equipment easier.

Unfortunately, a chain hoist is alleged to have played a role in the death of man while he was working on a barge, according to The Madison-St. Clair Record.

In the wake of the barge worker’s death, his family has filed a lawsuit claiming that negligence and faulty manufacturing is the reason he was killed. According to the suit, the barge worker was removing a propeller from a vessel when a chain hoist broke, leading to the propeller falling and fatally striking the man.

The barge worker’s family is seeking compensation to cover his medical bills and funeral expenses.

What Happens in a Maritime Accident Case?

As maritime trial lawyer David Anderson talks about in the video above, seamen’s injuries are decided in court, and cases involving maritime workers who were injured or killed are generally very complex.

With that in mind, whether or not an injured seamen or the family of a maritime worker who was killed on the job plans to hire an attorney, they should still speak to one about their situation. Many experienced admiralty lawyers will speak with injury victims and their families to explain their rights and options confidentially and for free.

Latti’s Little Extra: Archimedes, a Greek inventor, is believed to have invented the pulley used to haul ships out to sea. 

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