Why Do Tug and Barge Accidents Occur?

As many barges are not self-propelled and need to be towed by tugboats, accidents involving them can be quite violent. Many barges carry heavy goods, meaning the weight involved in a crash lead to catastrophic damages for other vessels.

One example of a barge accident that occurred recently involved a pair being towed by the 1,710-hp towboat Dixie Courage, which collided with a 15-foot Mako powerboat last year in the Intracoastal Waterway near Galveston, Texas.

According to Professional Mariner, the powerboat involved in the incident became disabled and the passengers aboard were transferred to another vessel right before the accident took place. At the time of the crash, the Dixie Courage was traveling between Bolivar Peninsula and Goat Island. The tugboat was loaded with two barges, each containing 25,000 barrels of alkylate.

Officials are still investigating the accident. No cargo spilled and none of the passengers who were aboard the powerboat were injured. Following the collision, the powerboat became stuck under one of the barges and later sank.

Working With an Attorney Following a Barge Accident

While is it good that nobody was injured in this incident, it may be wise to work with an attorney following a maritime accident, as a negligent boat operator should be held accountable when his or her actions if they cause serious injuries to others.

Remember, tug and barge accidents can occur for a number of reasons including frayed and weak lines that part, and operator errors leading to collisions with docks, shoreline, sandbars and other objects in the water.

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