Tragedy Averted as Three People on Missing Boat Found Next Day

From the Atlantic Seaboard to Southern California, we all love to go out on the water. Too often, though, people are in such a rush to push off from the dock that they fail to consider their own safety needs. Especially when boating at night, every boater needs the proper safety equipment and the proper signaling devices.

A small craft went missing recently, two hours after taking off from Catalina Island.

The craft’s last known position had been near the Point Vicente Lighthouse. The Coast Guard had searched in vain overnight and again early the next morning throughout the area, but the stranded boaters had no visual distress signals, such as a flashlight or flare gun, for rescuers to see.

When it was located the next morning, the man and two women onboard were thankfully unhurt.

A boater discovered the disabled 17-foot Chris-Craft drifting about 15 miles northeast of Catalina and began towing it back towards the island. The Coast Guard then took over, towing the boat back to the mainland and dropping the incapacitated vessel at Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro.

The passengers had attempted to call 911 at about 10 p.m. the night before to report that their engine had failed, but the only cellphone they had onboard lost its battery charge. The boat had no radio.

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