Were the Families of the 33 El Faro Crewmen Offered a Settlement?

Continuing our coverage of the El Faro disaster, TOTE Maritime has made a settlement offer to the families of the 33 El Faro crewmen lost at sea. According to First Coast News, the settlement would provide each of the families with lost wages plus $500,000 each in compensation.

While TOTE Maritime is touting this as a fair settlement offer, many of the families and their maritime attorneys do not consider it to be. The 33 crewmembers were presumed dead after the El Faro cargo ship lost propulsion and sank during Hurricane Joaquin. It is believed the crewmen drowned to death, suffering greatly in the process. Many of their family members allege that the crewmembers’ deaths were the result of negligence on the part of TOTE and want the company brought to justice.

To that end, as we have previously reported, lawsuits have been filed against TOTE Maritime, with more expected to come. 

What Should the Families of Victims Do If Their Loved One is Lost at Sea?

While nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one, if the negligence of an individual or company led to the wrongful death of their family member, families can pursue a legal claim as a way of holding those at fault accountable. In the case of maritime accidents, having the guidance of our nationwide maritime attorneys can be vital to the success of your claim. As our verdicts and settlements show, we have a history of helping families bring negligent parties to justice.

In the video above, experienced maritime attorney David Anderson explains in further detail why maritime accident victims and their families need to discuss their situation with a lawyer as soon as possible following the incident.