Alaskan Cruise Ship Docked for Engine Trouble, Shines Light on Dangers of Cruise Ships

In the wake of Venice’s possible ban on cruise ships due to tourist accidents and deaths, an Alaskan cruise ship has been docked due to engine trouble. The Celebrity Millennium’s Alaskan cruise has been cancelled and the ship is being worked on to fix trouble with the engine- a potentially life-threatening problem if passengers were allowed on board.

The cruise line has fully refunded and given certificates for a future cruise to those who expected to travel with them this summer.

This docking comes in the wake of a possible Venice ban on cruise ships in the Grand Canal due to the recent death of a German tourist and a multitude of other cruise ship injuries that have happened this year. The German tourist was crushed against a dock when a waterbus reversed while he was traveling with family.

Cruise ships are meant to be fun getaways for families and thousands of tourists every year, but the reality is the giant ships are dangerous and catastrophic injuries aboard these ships do occur. For both passengers and crewmembers, cruise ships are at risk for injury and even death aboard cruise liners.

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