Are Cruise Ships with Insufficient Regulations Above the Law?

Are Cruise Ships with Insufficient Regulations Above the Law?

A recent New York Times opinion columnist has written an article about cruise ships and their insufficient regulation. According to the columnist, cruise ships cut corners in the area of safety to lower ticket costs so that they can raise profits, which can increase the safety hazards faced by any of the thousands of passengers that each cruise ship carries. The most tragic preventable mishaps can include the capsizing of the vessel or drowning.

Despite insufficient regulations, maritime law can still offer some help to victims or a victim’s family in a cruise ship accident. Damages in a successful settlement can help injured passengers pay for medical bills and rehabilitation, as well as financially punish the careless cruise ship company.

What Laws Apply to an American Injured on a Cruise Ship?

In this video, maritime attorney David Anderson describes what an American citizen can do if he or she is injured on a cruise ship. In short, the key to a successful cruise ship accident lawsuit is to find an experienced maritime trial lawyer who can prove that your injury was caused by the carelessness of the cruise ship operator or crewmembers. Call Latti & Anderson LLP today for a free confidential consultation.

[Latti’s Little Extra: Over half of all sexual assaults on cruise ships are perpetrated by crewmembers.]

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