Our Lawyers Help Fisherman Secure $925,000 Settlement

In the wake of an incident that left a fisherman with severe injuries, our firm was able to help him recover a $925,000 settlement. Prior to suffering the injuries, the man was working on a boat owned and operated by the Dona Martita Fishing Co. LLC, which is based out of Massachusetts.

The incident that led to the fisherman’s injuries began with the ship’s captain ordering him to go underneath the fish hose reel and feed out the hose, which was on the reel and had not been rolled out yet.

Based on what the captain told him as well as instructions from the mate, the fisherman sat on the base of the fish hose reel with his body forward and hands over his head to help feed out the hose. When the hydraulics started and the reel jolted into action, the man’s upper body was forced onto his quadriceps by a very heavy blow across his shoulder.

After his body was forced into that position, the fisherman’s ribs and sternum were cracked, which he could hear, as he was being compacted, twisted and rotated into the hose reel. Once it was discovered what had happened to the fisherman, the hose reel was stopped, and he was freed.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Maritime Attorney?

You can afford to hire qualified and experienced legal representation. As maritime attorney David Anderson explains in the video above, you do not have to sacrifice quality to find the right law firm for you and your needs. Many successful and accomplished maritime law firms work on what is called a contingent fee basis, which basically means that the firm does not collect any attorney fees unless it recovers money for the client.

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