Why Should I Have a Fatal Maritime Accident Investigated?

If your loved one is killed in a maritime accident, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney familiar with this particular practice of law. Keep in mind, in some instances, following a fatal accident, there will be questions surrounding liability.

Often, various agencies are tasked with investigating an accident. It could be left to the US Coast Guard, or state and local agencies to investigate why the accident took place. Sometimes an investigation can take several months—during this time, it may prove to be vital to seek legal representation.

Remember, if your loved one has died, to obtain damages and move forward with a wrongful death claim, you will need to prove that negligence or unseaworthiness played a role in his or her accident. Keep in mind, if an insurer is involved, it will probably use various defenses provided under the Limitation of Liability Act to reduce or even limit the amounts it may be required to pay you to zero.

If you obtain counsel following the death of your loved one, it could help you prepare for any legal response. Our law firm uses all of the resources it can to help establish negligence and/or unseaworthiness in wrongful death cases, including a full-time investigator.

Tugboat Captain Killed in Crane-Bridge Accident

We bring up wrongful death cases up because recently Professional Mariner had an interesting story about a tugboat captain who was killed in Louisiana after a barge-mounted crane struck a lift bridge and fell into his wheelhouse.

According to the news outlet, Capt. Michael Collins, 46, died last August on the Industrial Canal in New Orleans. Reports indicate that his tugboat Cory Michael was pushing a barge under the open Florida Avenue Bridge when a double-boom crane hit it.

“The bridge didn’t open up enough. Facts are facts,” said tug owner Todd Eymard of ABC Marine Towing LLC, according to Professional Mariner. “It’s a shame Mike had to die.”

The news outlet reported that the Eighth District Coast Guard does not have rules governing the port’s canal bridges. A representative said that captains are supposed to provide bridge operators with the height of vessels, and the operator is then supposed to determine how high to raise a bridge.

Having a Fatal Maritime Injury Investigated

It is important in any fatal marine injury for the proper investigation to occur. Latti & Anderson LLP has experience handling investigations and lawsuits involving tug fatalities. Recently, Latti & Anderson LLP recently settled a case for a engineer who was fatally burned in a fire on a tug in the engine room for $8 Million.  If you have lost a loved one, it is important that you contact a maritime attorney to understand your rights and the law.

In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti explains how maritime law is different from other forms of law. If you have lost a loved one in a maritime or land accident, an attorney can help you tremendously.

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