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Lobstermen who are hurt at sea should have a Jones Act attorney or maritime lawyer review the accident and help with maintenance and cure.

Lobsterman was Rescued After Being Impaled

A U.S. Coast Guard received a call around 10:15 a.m. from a crewmember aboard a lobster boat requesting aid. A 41-year-old lobsterman had been impaled with knife around 130 miles east of Cape Cod. The man ended up being rescued by helicopter and taken to the hospital. Common Causes of Lobster Fishing Accidents Lobstermen don’t quite have it easy while at sea. Commercial lobster fishermen are at risk for net entanglement, falls overboard, rough weather, amputation risks and drowning. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), at least 11 percent of all fatalities within the lobster fishing industry was caused by falls overboard. Of those accidents, more than 5 percent were caused by being pushed or pulled overboard by the lobster fishing gear. Other causes of accidents include: Fishing equipment failure Lack of safety equipment on board Unsafe weather conditions Slip and fall accidents Getting limbs…
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This Female Fisherman is Trying to Bring Women in the Commercial Fishing Industry Together

In 2013, the captain of a commercial lobster boat started a Facebook group. And while that in and of itself is not unusual, the fact that this captain is a woman is. The name of the Facebook group is “Chix Who Fish,” and it is a group created with the intention of bringing other women in the fishing industry together. More specifically, Chix Who Fish was designed to address the lack of female foul weather gear for women who work on commercial fishing boats. So far, the social media campaign was successful in gaining the attention of Grundens, USA. The company worked with the group to create a line of professional rain gear specifically for women in the industry. What Is It Like to Be a Woman in the Commercial Fishing Industry? In addition to the Facebook group, the female captain of a lobster boat is also the writer for…
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When is National Lobster Day?

You may want to enjoy a nice lobster dinner with melted butter next Friday because it has been designated National Lobster Day. Two sponsors who pushed to designate September 25 as National Lobster Day, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, released a statement about why the day is important for people in the northeast. “The lobster industry has made remarkable contributions to [our state’s] history, culture and economy, bringing shellfish enthusiasts in from across the country and generating millions of dollars for the state annually,” the statement read. “But the reality is that our lobster stocks are declining rapidly due to poor environmental conditions in Long Island Sound, and Connecticut fisherman and businesses are suffering because of it.” Recent media reports suggest that lobsters are moving further north in the New England area to avoid warming ocean waters. This is greatly affecting lobstermen who rely on them for financial support….
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