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Fisherman Wins $2.6 Million in Case Against Fishing Companies

Being a commercial fisherman can be a demanding, physical job. Fishermen face difficulties that people who work on the land might not even consider. Rough seas, heavy equipment and unpredictable fish can make the job a challenge. However, despite all the unique situations fishermen deal with on a daily basis, faulty equipment should never be one of them. When companies fail to maintain their boats and machinery, dangerous and even deadly commercial fishing accidents can result. In one recent case, a fisherman whose arm was amputated by poorly maintained equipment filed a maritime injury case against negligent fishing companies. The case involved a fisherman from Little Compton who lost his arm to a winch that had not been kept in good working order. The winch was part of a hoisting crane, which is typically provided by commercial fishing docks to assist fishermen in moving their catch from their boats. While…
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Our Lawyers Help Fisherman Secure $925,000 Settlement

In the wake of an incident that left a fisherman with severe injuries, our firm was able to help him recover a $925,000 settlement. Prior to suffering the injuries, the man was working on a boat owned and operated by the Dona Martita Fishing Co. LLC, which is based out of Massachusetts. The incident that led to the fisherman’s injuries began with the ship’s captain ordering him to go underneath the fish hose reel and feed out the hose, which was on the reel and had not been rolled out yet. Based on what the captain told him as well as instructions from the mate, the fisherman sat on the base of the fish hose reel with his body forward and hands over his head to help feed out the hose. When the hydraulics started and the reel jolted into action, the man’s upper body was forced onto his quadriceps…
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Negligence Unseaworthiness Traumatic Amputation

Second Mate’s Leg Caught in Mooring Lines During Manual Release: Negligence: Unseaworthiness: Traumatic Amputation: Settlement ATLA Law Reporter August 2006 Benson v. United States U.S. Dist. Ct., D.Me., No. 1:04-cv-00195, Nov. 2005. Benson, 52, was a second mate onboard a roll-on/roll-off cargo ship owned by the United States. He began to release the mooring lines to a tugboat but realized the winch that normally released the lines was not working. He and other crew members manually released the lines, which grew taut. Benson’s right leg became entangled in the mooring lines and was ripped off as the lines tightened. Because of the traumatic amputation, he required repeated surgeries and debridements. He needed physical therapy and training on use of a prosthetic leg and suffers from ongoing pain and phantom pain. His past and future medical costs are estimated at about $1.13 million. Benson, who had been earning about $70,000 annually…
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