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Two NJ Dockworkers Injured In Terminal Fire

According to, two dockworkers were injured recently when a straddle truck at the APM Port Elizabeth terminal caught fire, as the blaze spread to a shipping container the vehicle was carrying. The newspaper noted that the fire occurred at the same terminal where a female dockworker was killed by a coworker who was allegedly drunk earlier this year. The shipping container that caught fire contained wood and wood pulp, and the truck and container were engulfed in flames when emergency officials arrived at the scene of the incident. The driver of the truck was reportedly taken to a hospital for the treatment of minor burns and a knee injury he or she suffered while leaping from the burning vehicle, according to Another worker was treated for smoke inhalation at a different hospital. The incident occurred on September 7. There were no details released as to how the fire…
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Longshoreman Dies in L.A. Port Collision

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reported that a longshoreman died at the Port of Los Angeles on August 12 when his vehicle collided with a rig that is used to move cargo containers. According to the news outlet, the victim, 45, was driving a Ford Ranger at the site that collided with a utility tractor rig. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the crash and details were not released about how it occurred. It remains unclear if the victim was driving a personal truck or if it was one that is maintained by operators at the Port. The victim may have hit his head on the windshield of the truck when the accident occurred, according to witness accounts. The Port, which is 290 acres, was closed after the accident so that officials could investigate it. Workers were reportedly sent home for the night. The accident occurred at around 6:45 p.m.,…
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Do Injured Shipyard Workers Have Legal Rights?

Are you shipyard, harbor, longshore or dockworker? If you are, then you may understand that your job can be dangerous as accidents occur regularly among maritime workers on land in the U.S. You should know that because of this, you might have protections under the Longshore Act or other laws, if you are injured on the job. Additionally, if your loved one is a shipyard, dock or pier worker who has been killed in an accident, you may also have legal rights when it comes to filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The best way to determine if you have a claim is to speak to an experienced admiralty lawyer. Onshore maritime law can be incredibly complicated, so you will want to make sure you have someone with knowledge of the various laws that may be applicable to your case. The failure to do so could result in your claim being…
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